Celebration of the Patron Saint Day of Saint Sava’s Restoration & Development Committee – Sunday, May 3, 2015


Please join the Restoration & Development Committee in the celebration of its slava, St. Bishop Nikolai Velimirović, on Sunday, May 3, following Holy Liturgy, in the Parish Hall. Few Serbian communities have had the good fortune to have had a Saint, then Bishop, live on their premises, serve in their churches, and break bread with parishioners every Sunday and every Holy day. The R&D Committee deemed it a distinct honor, privilege and blessing to adopt him as its Patron Saint, particularly so since many were blessed and humbled by his saintly presence.
It is important for our community to uphold its Serbian traditions and culture.  What could be more significant than the celebration of a contemporary Saint who lived and preached within the walls of the St. Sava Cathedral community in New York City? Do join us in this annual event.

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