Dear Parishioners of the Cathedral of Saint Sava in New York, children of Saint Sava,

It is a great honor and pleasure for us to invite you all to the celebration of the patron saint of our Parish and the entire Serbian nation, Saint Sava, on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

The celebration will begin with the Holy Liturgy, which will be served in the Greek Church of St. Eleftherios (359 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10011), starting at 10 A.M., and will continue with the blessing of the glorious gifts and the Saint Sava program.

Due to the epidemiological restrictions that are in place, we will not be serving the customary luncheon, and the Saint Sava performance of the children, our youngest parishioners will differ from past years.

The Saint Sava program will be prepared by the Serbian Church School “Saint Sava,” together with all the children of our Parish who are interested in participating in the event. Therefore, we invite ALL CHILDREN of our Saint Sava Parish, OF ALL AGES, to contribute with their talent and effort to the celebration of our Shepherd, Protector, and Primate of Saint Sava, by sending the following to the Church school email address, and

  1. A) A photograph of their art work related to the life and enlightenment work of Saint Sava;
  2. B) An audio recording of a recitation or song related to Saint Sava;
  3. C) An audio recording of a song related to Saint Sava, or another church song (chant) played on a musical instrument.

An audio-visual presentation will be made from all the submitted works, which will be premiered in the church hall on the day of the patron saint celebration. Afterwards, it will be accessible to the public on official church media sites.

Furthermore, we invite ALL CHILDREN of our Saint Sava Parish, OF ALL AGES, to memorize any song about Saint Sava, which they will recite or sing in church, before the assembled faithful on the day of the patron saint celebration. Due to epidemiological restrictions, every child (or children living in the same family) will be performing individually and will be required to wear a mask.

We kindly request that the parents of the children who will be performing to inform us beforehand, and to confirm their attendance, as well as indicate the name of the song and the selected piece, and to state how the child will perform it (recite, sing, or play). Please send the confirmations via email to the Church School email address, and Submissions for the Saint Sava performance will be accepted until the feast of Saint Sava – January 27, 2021.

Appropriate gifts will be prepared for all children who participate in the celebration in any way, whether by drawing, painting, reciting, singing, playing or by attending the Liturgy on the day of the celebration!

Attached to this invitation, please find a list of websites where you may find appropriate songs or ideas for your children’s participation in the event, as well as the lyrics of some of the songs dedicated to Saint Sava.

In the hope that you will joyfully accept the invitation to the celebration of our cathedral’s and Serbian patron saint, I salute you with the lyrics with the words of the Hymn to Saint Sava:

“Let all Serbian hearts unite with you,

Let the sun of peace, love, shine on us all,

Let us all live in harmony, Saint Sava, help us!”


Yours in Christ,

Milan Dragovic, Cathedral Dean

Together with the faculty of the Serbian Church School “Saint Sava”




Ускликнимо с љубављу
Светитељу Сави
Српске цркве и школе
Светитељској глави.
Тамо венци тамо слава
Где наш српски пастир Сава.
Појте му Срби,
Песму и утројте!

Благодарна Србијо,
Пуна си љубави
Према своме пастиру
Светитељу Сави.
Цело Српство слави славу
Свога оца Светог Саву.
Појте му Срби,
Песму и утројте!

С неба шаље благослов
Свети отац Сава;
Са свих страна сви Срби
С мора и Дунава.
К небу главе подигните
Саву тамо угледајте.
Саву српску славу,
пред престолом Творца!

Да се српска сва срца
С тобом уједине,
Сунце мира, љубави,
Да нам свима сине,
Да живимо сви у слози,
Свети Саво, ти помози,
Почуј глас свог рода,
српскога народа!

Пет векова Србин је
У ропству чамио
Светитеља Саве
Име је славио.
Свети Сава Србе воли
И за њих се Богу моли.
Појте му Срби,
Песму и утројте!

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