Saint Sava Bulletin – October 1, 2017


Кликните на билтен да бисте га видели у целости у ПДФ формату

For our benefit and to the glory of God If only we begin with the firm intention to live according to God’s law, we need not be afraid of any assaults by unreasonable men. For he who truly begins to live according to God’s law finds that all things done to him by men happen for his benefit, and to the glory of God. One especially need not fear being compelled to move from a place that he loves to a place that he doesn’t care for. Instead of empty fear and fruitless lamentation, it is better to seek out God’s intention for us. What harm did the evil actions of Joseph’s brothers do to him? Did not his involuntary departure to Egypt glorify him, save his brothers from famine, and create the necessary conditions for all the wondrous things God worked through Moses in Egypt and in the wilderness? The pagans and heretics often drove Orthodox Christians into barbarian regions. What did they accomplish by that? Did they destroy Orthodoxy? No-rather, they strengthened it even more in the souls of the persecuted, and spread it among the barbarian peoples. The evil heretic Lucius exiled the glorious Macarius, with several Tabennisiot ascetics, from Egypt to a barbarian island, where the entire population worshiped idols. But by the teachings and example of these holy men, the entire populace of the island was soon baptized. That island was later renamed the “Island of Repentance.”
From Prologue of Ochrid by Holy Bishop Nikolaj

Schedule of Services for October 2017

Unless otherwise noted, all services will be served at Saint Eleftherios Greek Orthodox Church at 359 West 24th Street.

Divine Liturgy is held on Sundays and Feast Days at 10am.

Memorial Saturday, October 7th, 10am
Vespers, October 13th, 6pm
Protection of the Mother of God, October 14th, 10am
Vespers, October 26th, 6pm
Saint Petka, October 27th, 10am
Vespers, October 30th, 6pm
Saint Luke, October 31st, 10am

Vespers services will be held during month of October at our church of Saint Sava courtyard every Saturday, beginning at 6pm.


We would like to use this opportunity to thank the former members of the Board of Trustees for their service: Marko Jovanović, Srdjan Todorović, Stojan Milovanović, and Vladimir Delić. In addition to Fr. Živojin Jakovljević, the Dean and Dr. Zorka Milich, Chair of Development and Secretary, we would like to welcome the additional Board of Trustees members: Maria Mirkovich, President; Jelena Djordjević, Treasurer; Živorad Tomić, Business Relations Chair; and Ivan Jelić, Special Building Adviser.

Church Reconstruction

The debris removal from the church is complete. The next phase – the removal of the damaged interior decorative stone – is scheduled to begin in two weeks.

We Need Your Help

If you are able to donate your time to help with various tasks related to church and social activities, please call Gordana Savic at (718) 930-3179 or via email at

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