Lecture Report for November 20, 2016

During the Catechism, our children learned that bread is a symbol of God and that wheat is a symbol of resurrection. They also learned that wheat grows thanks to God and that bread is made from wheat. This means that God is feeding us, because he ensures the warmth of the Sun, and rainfall, which are necessary for wheat to grow. Therefore, we pray before and after meals to thank God and to ask Him to continue to take care of us and to feed us. The students also learned that wheat represents resurrection, meaning that people who pass away will live again, and will never again die. Children also learned to sing the song “Marijo Slavna”.

We are grateful to Ms. Dušica and Miss. Aleksandra for their preparation of traditional bread and wheat for the children, and for their assistance during the class.

The preschool group learned the Cyrillic letters “K”, “D” and “Ć”. First graders learned the letters “K” and “D”, practiced writing and learned new words. The children also listened to various songs and read the book “Medvedici Simići idu u školuĆ. The older kids reviewed the lesson on nouns and continued learning about adjectives. They also learned about patriotic poems and read a passage from the poem “Kosovski Boj”.

Homework for all children: All children should review their lesson with assistance of their parents. Children should write all of the letters that they have learned so far. We ask parents to help children repeat the song “Sveti Sava Srbe Voli” and to learn the song Marijo Slavna (which can be found here). Please remind children to cross themselves before and after meals. Their parents should remind them that bread should be respected because there are children who are hungry and who do not have safe drinking water and enough food.

Homework for the preschool group: draw large letters “K”, “D” and “Ć” on  paper, color them, cut them out and glue them onto a larger paper.

Homework for the first graders: Do exercises with the Cyrillic letters “K” and “D” in the books “Radna sveska uz Bukvar”, “Bukvar”, and “Prvarica”.

Homework for older children: Describe a person that you like using as many adjectives as you can. In a text of your choice, underline all of the nouns and adjectives. In addition, write down at least 10 adjectives from the text and compare them by all degrees of comparison.

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