Lecture Report for May 15, 2017

During Catechism, the children reviewed the stories of Noah’s Ark and Joseph’s dreams.  In Serbian language class, the preschoolers discussed the difference between domestic and wild animals, and they watched a cartoon on ponies.  The first graders learned new words and practiced writing them.  The older children learned possessive adjectives, examined a map of Serbia, and talked about the cities Beograd, Niš, and Subotica.

Homework for the preschoolers: draw one domestic and one wild animal.

Homework for the first graders: write ten new words, and try to write two sentences using some of these new words.

Homework for the older school children:  Write some facts about Subotica, Niš, and Leskovac – the children were assigned the city.  Do the exercises distributed in the class.

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