Lecture Report for March 19, 2017

At the Catechism, the children learned that on this Sunday Orthodox Christians celebrate the adoration of the precious and life giving Cross. They talked about how they pray before meals and that they should be kind, grateful and hospitable when sharing their time with family and friends. Also, the children enjoyed eating homemade Serbian goodies such as “kiflice” and “pita”.

During Serbian language class, the preschoolers reviewed the Cyrillic letters З, Л, K, Љ, Н, Њ and learned new words. The first graders practiced reading and writing new words and went through a crossword puzzle. In addition, they discussed words describing home electronics, such as telephone, camera, TV, and DVD player. The older children learned in which instances the sound “L” is changed into “O”. They read and discussed “What’s the greatest thing of all” and “What is father”.


Homework for the preschoolers: continue the exercises you started during the class. Practice writing letters closely connected to each other and compose words with the letters you reviewed.

Homework for the first graders: do the handouts entitled “What kind of sports people are playing”, “Who is driving what” and “What are children doing in the pictures”.

Homework for older school children: write five sentences describing what is on your mind when you are angry with your parents.

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