Lecture Report for January 29, 2017

We would like to remind you that, starting next week, classes will be held at the perish office, starting at 12:30.

Last week, the preschool group learned the Cyrillic letters “Х” and “Ф”. The first graders learned the Cyrillic letter „Х“, names of fruits and body parts, and the song “Kad si srećan”.  The middle group learned about verbal and nominal predicates, and analyzed ”Bajku o Belom Konju” by S. Raičković and “Pesma o cvetu” by B. Miljković.

Homework for the preschoolers: complete the Cyrillic letters“Х” and “Ф” in the book Veseli vrtić, and the crossword puzzle distributed in class.

Homework for the first graders: write 10 words containing the letter “Х” and 10 items of clothing; practice new words and learn the text of the song ”Kad si srećan”.

Homework for older students: practice all of the Cyrillic letters, print and cursive, and compose a poem with the topic of your choice.

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