Lecture Report for January 15, 2017

Please be advised that, starting February 5, 2017, classes will start at 12:30. Please come to the parish office on February 5, 2017, at 12:30, where you will receive the final classroom schedule.

Last week, the children sang “Marijo Slavna” and S”veti Sava Srbe Voli”, and they recited poems in preparation for the celebration of the St. Sava’s Day. Children also learned “Himna Sv. Savi”.

The preschool group learned the Cyrillic letters „Г“, „Њ“ and „Ш“ and practiced writing letters and words. The fist graders learned the Cyrillic letters „Г“, „Њ“ and „Ш“, and practiced days of the week, months and seasons, polite expressions and other new words. The middle group analyzed the poem Paper Boats by R. Tagore and learned about deriving words.

Homework for all children: rehearse Sveti Sava Srbe Voli and Marijo Slavna, and learn Himna Sv. Savi. We ask all parents to remind their kids to cross themselves before and after eating.

Homework for the preschoolers: complete pages 70 and 108 in the book Veseli Vrtic.

Homework for the firstgraders: complete  the Cyrillic letters „Г“, „Њ“ and „Ш“ in Prvarica, Radna Sveska and Bukvar, circle the Cyrillic letters „Г“, „Њ“ and „Ш“ in a text of their choice in Bukvar, practice writing тата, баба , деда, сестра и брат, and practice every day to say: добро јутро, добар дан, добро вече, лаку ноћ, изволи, извини, etc.

Homework for older students: read the story Azdaja i carev sin, and complete homework distributed in class.

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