Lecture Report for December 18, 2016

We invite all children, who did not receive gift bags last week to contact us, so that we may distribute them.  Also, we remind parents that our winter break has begun and our next class will be held on January 15, 2017.

At the Catechism, the children learned why we give gifts and what they mean, and that а gift represents love.  The children learned about Christmas and the greeting “Christ is born” and the appropriate response,”Indeed, He is born!”  The children sang the songs “Marijo Slavna” and “Sveti Sava Srbe Voli”.

In Serbian language classes, the preschool group and younger schoolchildren repeated the letters learned so far and practiced reading and writing the following:

  1. А, В, С,
  2. Љ, У, Б,
  3. О, И, Л,
  4. Т, Р, З
  5. М, Е, Н
  6. Д, К, Ћ
  7. Ј, Ч, Ц

The younger school children also wrote Christmas cards.  Older students learned about numbers, analyzed the story “Čardak ni na nebu ni na zemlji”, learned about the speech organs, the sounds and syllables.

Homework for all children: Learn a poem of their choice about St. Sava (poems can be found here), and continue to practice songs “Marijo Slavna”, “Sveti Sava Srbe Voli” and “Himna Sv. Savi”.

Homework for preschool children and younger school children: Practice reading and writing letters that have been presented so far and some words with those letters, for example авион/ауто, воз/ватра, сунце/сестра, љубав/љубичаста, удица/уста, балон/брат, око/оловка, инсект/ирвас, лопта/лептир, торта/тата, рука/риба, звезда/звоно, мама/медвед, Еским/ексер, нос/небо, дрво/диносаурус, корњача/кревет, ћуп/ћилим, јабука/јакна, чамац/чизма, цвет/ципеле.

Extra homework for younger school children: Pages 68-71 in the book Radna sveska uz bukvar i abecedar.

Homework for older students: Work on recognizing numbers, sounds and syllables in sentences given during the class and read the story “Aždaja i carev sin”.

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