Lecture Report for April 2, 2017

During Catechism, children learned about the creation of the world, and about Adam and Eve.  During Serbian language class, the preschoolers practiced colors, letters and connecting letters in shorter words and learned about various meanings and the usage of the terms “longer-shorter.”  Firstgraders learned new words, and watched and analyzed cartoons ”Slonče Ćira” and ”Negde u Zemlji Snova”.

Homework for preschoolers: practice the Cyrillic letters Ћ, Ф, and Ц.

Homework for first graders: watch the cartoon ”Studenko” (you can find it here), and write a sentence or a paragraph about it.

Homework for older school kids: to put together a sentence in which all words will start with letters that belong to the same group of letters based on their place of formation.

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