Lecture Report for October 9, 2016

During Catechism, all children were taught how to cross themselves, bow and kiss the icon.  The children started to learn the letters LJ, U and B.  They reiterated how to welcome a Bishop and priests and they learned that children used to greet their parents and grandparents by kissing their hands in a similar manner.  Children were shown how to light a candle, and learned that the flame represents God’s love for us, as well as our love for God.  They also learned about the meaning of a bee as a symbol of zeal and selflessness.  Children continued to practice the song “Sveti Sava Srbe voli”.

During Serbian Language class, the preschool group re-enforced letters A, S, and V, and continued to practice letters LJ, U and B, through games and pictures.  The First Graders listened to Serbian anthem “Boze pravde” as an introduction to a lesson on Serbia.  They learned that the Serbian capital is Belgrade, and how to find Serbia on the map and on the globe, and what the flag and the coat of arms of Serbia look like.  In the next class, children practiced material from the previous class (the Cyrillic letters A, S, and V), learned new words using pictures, and learned numbers from one to ten, colors, and how to properly introduce themselves in Serbian.  Children also practiced the pronunciation and writing of letters Lj, U and B, and new words.  The middle school group played a game called “Interesting Geography”, read and analyzed various fables and learned about punctuation.  The children in the younger and middle school groups began to learn the song “Himna Svetom Savi”.

Homework Assignments

Homework for all children: Write letters LJ, U and B ten times, complete drawings of bees, flowers and candles, continue learning the song “Sveti Sava Srbe voli”; enter the church, kiss the icon and cross themselves.  Parents are directed to help children remember how to cross themselves every day before going to bed after getting up, before eating and learning, and say every day: “Thank God and my parents for everything”!

Homework for Preschool children:  Do the maze on page 7 in the book “Veseli vrtić” and write letters LJ, U and B in the worksheets that were distributed in the class.

Homework for the first graders:  Complete letters LJ, U and B in the book “Radna sveska uz Bukvar” and in “Prvarica”, circle all the letters LJ, U and B, in the first verse of the song “Himna Svetom Savi” and memorize the first verse.  We ask the parents to read to their children as much as they can, so as to enable them to expand their vocabulary.

Homework for the middle school group:  Create a story about animals in the manner of fables read in the class, complete the exercises on pages 51 and 131 of “Bukvar”, and learn the first verse of the song “Himna Svetom Savi”.  The text and music for the song “Himna Svetom Savi” can be downloaded here. To hear the melody follow the link below.


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